Configuring port blocking rules

Block users from accessing specified inbound and/or outbound ports.

Option definitions

Option Definition
Rule Name Type the name for this rule.
Processes to include Restrict access to the specified processes.
Processes to exclude Allow access to the specified processes.
Starting Port Specify the first port number. This can be a single port or the starting number of a range of ports.
Note: If you block access to a port that is used by the McAfee Agent, the Entercept Agent, or the Host Intrusion Prevention Agent, the agent’s processes are trusted and are allowed to communicate with the blocked port. All other traffic not related to these agent processes is blocked.
Ending Port Specify the last port number in a range of ports.
Inbound Prevent systems on the network from accessing the specified ports.
Outbound Prevent local processes from accessing the specified ports on the network.