Including or excluding specific processes

Option definitions

Edit the rule details to specify processes that you want to detect or exclude from detection.

Option Description
Rule Name The name of this rule. For example, Prevent registry editor and Task Manager from being disabled.
Processes to include Restrict access to these processes. Use the exact process name or use a wildcard to specify a broad range of processes such as *.EXE, then add exclusions for specific processes that are legitimate, such as SETUP.EXE. For example, specify * to include all processes.
Processes to exclude Allow access to these processes. Use the exact process name. For example, specify these exclusions: avtask.exe, cfgwiz,exe, fssm32.exe, giantantispywar*, kavsvc.exe, mmc.exe, navw32.exe, nmain.exe, rtvscan.exe.
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