Configuring general settings

Tab descriptions

General settings apply to the scanning of all processes and include parameters such as maximum scan time, scanning scripts, blocking unwanted threats from a remote computer, sending messages when threats are detected, and reporting detections.

To access the On-Access General properties:
  • From the ePolicy Orchestrator console, go to Systems | Policy Catalog and select VirusScan Enterprise 8.7.0 in the Product list and On-Access General Policies in the Category list.

  • From the VirusScan Console, open the On-Access Scanner properties, then select General Settings in the left pane.

Configure the options on each tab. For option descriptions, click ? or Help on each tab.

Tab Description
  • Scan boot sectors and/or floppy drives during shutdown.
  • Enable on-access scanning at system startup.
  • Maximum scan time for archives and all files.
  • Scan all processes which are already running.
  • If the AntiSpyware Enterprise Module is installed, scan cookie files.
ScriptScan Enable scanning of scripts and specify exclusions.
  • Send a message when a remote computer writes a threat to this system and specify the message.
  • Block the connection when a remote computer writes a threat to this system.
  • Unblock the connection after the specified time.
  • Block the connection when a file with a potentially unwanted program is detected in a shared folder.
  • Display the messages dialog box to local users when a detection occurs and specify the message.
  • If the AntiSpyware Enterprise Module is installed, send an alert when a cookie is detected.
  • Configure which actions users without administrator rights can take on messages.
  • Enable activity logging.
  • Specify the log file name and location.
  • Specify the log file size limit.
  • Select the log file format.
  • Specify what to log besides scanning activity.