Using wildcards to specify scan items

When using wildcards to specify or exclude scan items, these limitations apply:

  • Valid wildcards are question mark (?) for excluding single characters and asterisk (*) for excluding multiple characters.
  • Wildcards can appear in front of a back slash (\) in a path. For example: C:\ABC\*\XYZ matches C:\ABC\DEF\XYZ.

  • An exclusion containing question mark (?) characters applies if the number of characters matches the length of the file or folder name. For example: The exclusion W?? excludes WWW, but does not exclude WW or WWWW.

  • The syntax is extended to include a double asterisk (**), which means zero or more of any characters including back slash. This allows multiple-depth exclusions. For example: C:\ABC\**\XYZ matches C:\ABC\DEF\XYZ and C:\ABC\DEF\DEF\XYZ, etc.