Configuring update task command-line options

VirusScan Enterprise uses MCUPDATE.EXE to perform update tasks.

The MCUPDATE syntax does not require any specific order in its elements, except that you cannot separate a property and its value. The syntax consists of:
  • File name — The name of the executable file: MCUPDATE.EXE.
  • Options — The option is preceded by a forward slash (/) character and is not case-sensitive.
For example, MCUPDATE [/<type> [/TASK <guid>]] [/option].

The /TASK clause is optional. If you use it however, you must also specify an update task ID (guid). The task ID you select must be for an update or a rollback DATs task. Do not select to scan ID. If you do not specify a task ID, the default update task is used. Task IDs are located at: hkey_local_machine\SOFTWARE\McAfee\DesktopProtection\Tasks\

The /OPTION clause is not required. To perform a silent update task, use /QUIET.
Note: The /QUIET option is not supported for use with the rollback DATs task. This example performs a silent update task: MCUPDATE [/UPDATE] [/QUIET].

Update task option definitions

Command-line Option Definition


Rolls the current DAT file back to the last backed up version.


Performs an update of the DAT file, scanning engine, product, or extra.dat.


Launches the AutoUpdate or rollback DATs task specified in the VirusScan Console. Requires an additional parameter to specify the task ID as recorded in the registry at:



Performs the task silently.