Accessing remote systems with VirusScan Enterprise installed

To connect to remote systems with VirusScan Enterprise installed.


From the VirusScan Console Tools menu, select Open Remote Console.

  1. Under Connect to computer, type the name of the system that you want to administer, and select a system from the list, or click Browse to locate the system on the network.
    Note: If environmental variables are used while configuring the path name of the file or folder for a remote task, be sure that the environmental variable exists on the remote system. The VirusScan Console cannot validate environmental variables on the remote system.
  2. Click OK to make a connection attempt to the destination system. When you connect to the remote system:
    • The title bar changes to reflect that system’s name.
    • The console reads the remote system's registry and displays the tasks of the remote system. You can add, delete, or reconfigure tasks for the remote system.