Using right-click features

Use right-click features for quick access to commonly used actions such as creating new tasks, viewing task statistics and logs, opening task property pages, scanning a specific file or folder, or performing an immediate update task.

Feature descriptions

Location Description Examples
The console Right-click the VirusScan Console to display right-click features. These features vary depending on whether you selected a task in the task list and which task you select.
  • In the console, right-click a task to access its properties. Depending on which task you select, you might also be able to start, stop, enable or disable it, and view statistics and the activity log. In some cases, you can also rename or delete a task.
  • Right-click a blank area in the console to create a new scan or update task.
Windows Explorer Right-click a selected file or folder to perform an immediate Full Scan of that item. You can select an action for the scan:
  • Clean - Report and clean the detected item.
  • Continue - Report the detection and continue scanning.

Perform an immediate scan on a file or folder that you suspect is threatened.

When you start the scan, the on-demand scanner is invoked directly with all scan settings enabled. Select the action option. You cannot customize any other scan settings.

The system tray Right-click the VirusScan Enterprise shield icon to display menu items.
  • Open the VirusScan Console.
  • Disable or enable the on-access scanner.
  • Open the on-access scanner properties.
  • View the on-access scan statistics or messages.
  • Create a one-time configurable on-demand scan.
  • Perform an immediate update task.
  • Open the About dialog box.