Defines the ServiceContract Asynchronous interface for a Trust 1.3 protocol.

The following tables list the members exposed by the IWSTrust13AsyncContract type.

Public Methods

  Name Description
public method BeginTrust13Cancel Definition of Async Cancel method for WS-Trust 1.3
public method BeginTrust13CancelResponse  
public method BeginTrust13Issue Definition of Async Issue method for WS-Trust 1.3
public method BeginTrust13IssueResponse  
public method BeginTrust13Renew Definition of Async Renew method for WS-Trust 1.3
public method BeginTrust13RenewResponse  
public method BeginTrust13Validate Definition of Async Validate method for WS-Trust 1.3
public method BeginTrust13ValidateResponse  
public method EndTrust13Cancel Completes the Async Cancel method.
public method EndTrust13CancelResponse  
public method EndTrust13Issue Completes the Async Issue method.
public method EndTrust13IssueResponse  
public method EndTrust13Renew Completes the Async Renew method.
public method EndTrust13RenewResponse  
public method EndTrust13Validate Completes the Async Validate method.
public method EndTrust13ValidateResponse  

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