Class Description
Saml2Action Represents the Action element specified in [Saml2Core,].
Saml2Advice Represents the Advice element specified in [Saml2Core, 2.6.1].
Saml2Assertion Represents the Assertion element specified in [Saml2Core, 2.3.3].
Saml2AssertionKeyIdentifierClause A SecurityKeyIdentifierClause for referencing SAML2-based security tokens.
Saml2Attribute Represents the Attribute element specified in [Saml2Core,].
Saml2AttributeStatement Represents the AttributeStatement element specified in [Saml2Core, 2.7.3].
Saml2AudienceRestriction Represents the AudienceRestriction element specified in [Saml2Core,].
Saml2AuthenticationContext Represents the AuthnContext element specified in [Saml2Core,].
Saml2AuthenticationStatement Represents the AuthnStatement element specified in [Saml2Core, 2.7.2].
Saml2AuthorizationDecisionStatement Represents the AuthzDecisionStatement specified in [Saml2Core, 2.7.4]
Saml2Conditions Represents the Conditions element specified in [Saml2Core, 2.5.1].
Saml2Constants Contains constants related to SAML2.
Saml2Constants.NameIdentifierFormats These identifiers MAY be used in the Format attribute of the NameID, NameIDPolicy, or Issuer elements to refer to common formats for the content of the elements and the associated processing rules, if any. [Saml2Core, 8.3]
Saml2Evidence Represents the Evidence element specified in [Saml2Core,].
Saml2Id Represents the identifier used for SAML assertions.
Saml2NameIdentifier Represents the NameID element as specified in [Saml2Core, 2.2.3].
Saml2ProxyRestriction Represents the ProxyRestriction element specified in [Saml2Core,].
Saml2SecurityToken A security token backed by a SAML2 assertion.
Saml2Statement Represents the StatementAbstractType specified in [Saml2Core, 2.7.1].
Saml2Subject Represents the Subject element specified in [Saml2Core, 2.4.1].
Saml2SubjectConfirmation Represents the SubjectConfirmation element specified in [Saml2Core,].
Saml2SubjectConfirmationData Represents the SubjectConfirmationData element and the associated KeyInfoConfirmationDataType defined in [Saml2Core,].
Saml2SubjectLocality Represents the SubjectLocality element specified in [Saml2Core,].

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