About the enterprise tree

The enterprise tree is located in the upper-left pane of the main window. At the top of the tree, the My ESM Enterprise node consists of the regions that contain managers. Each manager has four types of objects: domains, policies, policy runs, and templates. The names of the regions, managers, domains, agents, policies, and modules are specific to your network.

Expand the summary branch to display the agents in each manager domain. The managers can transfer LiveUpdate data to agents with a color-coded icon. The managers cannot update agents with a gray icon.

Further expansion of the summary branch displays security level information for policies, modules, and policy runs.

You can expand the Policies branch to see the modules in each policy. Further expansion shows the operating systems that the modules check and also provides access to message suppressions.


Red, yellow, and green colors on the icons in the summary branch indicate the security level of each object. Gray and black colors indicate that no data is available.

You can double-click a policy name in the Policies branch to access the policy editor. The policy editor lets you select the modules that comprise the policy. You can double-click a module name and an operating system within a policy to expand the Policies branch to do the following:

You can click an object in the Policy Runs branch to view and take action regarding a policy run. You can click an object in the Templates branch to edit the templates that specific security modules use.

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