Setting eToken Password Quality

Once password quality parameters are set, any future passwords are automatically checked against these parameters to determine the password’s level of acceptability.

If the eToken was initialized in early RTE versions, no password policy is stored on the token.


To set password quality:

  1. To open eToken PKI Client Properties, do one of the following:

The eToken PKI Client Properties window opens.

  1. Click the Advanced View icon .

The Advanced View window opens.

  1. In the left pane of the eToken PKI Client Properties Advanced View window, expand the required eToken and select Settings.

  2. In the right pane select the Password Quality tab.

  3. Enter the password quality parameters as follows:

Password Quality Parameter


Minimum password length (characters)

Default: 6 characters

Maximum usage period (days)

The maximum period before which the password must be changed.

Default: 0 (none)

Minimum Usage Period (days)

The minumum period before the password can be changed

Default: 0 (none)

Password expiry warning period (days)

Defines the number of days before the password expires that a warning message is shown.

Default: 0 (none)

Password history size

Defines how many previous passwords should not be repeated.

Default: 10

Repeat Count

The number of times that each charcter can be repeated in the password.

Default: 3

Password must meet complexity requirements

Determines if the complexity requirements are required in the eToken password.

  • Active: Complexity requirements are enforced

  • None: Complexity requirements are not enforced

  • Manual: Complexity requirements, as set manually in the Manual Complexity settings, are enforced (Default)

Manual Complexity

For each of the character types (Capital Letters, Lower-Case Letters, Numbers and Special Characters) select one of the following options:

Allow: Can be included in the password, but is not mandatory (Default).

Must: Must be included in the password.

Forbid: Must not be included in the password.


  1. Do one of the following:


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