Kaspersky Security Center Automation  10.0
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IKlAkParams Interface Reference

import "klakaut.idl";

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Public Member Functions

HRESULT  Remove ([in] VARIANT *index)
HRESULT  Check ([in] VARIANT *index,[out, retval] VARIANT_BOOL *pbResult)
HRESULT  Clone ([out, retval] IKlAkParams **ppResult)
HRESULT  Add ([in] VARIANT *index,[in] VARIANT *pVal)


VARIANT  Item ([in] VARIANT index) [get, set]
long  Count [get]
KlAkObjType  Type [get]

Detailed Description

Universal container.

KlAkParams is a set of named attributes. Attribute names are case-sensitive. Supports enumerating (See JScript sample below).

	var g_oFileSystemObject;
	var g_oLog;
	// prepare logging
	g_oFileSystemObject = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");
	g_oLog = g_oFileSystemObject.CreateTextFile("log.txt", true);
	var oParams = new ActiveXObject("klakaut.KlAkParams");
	oParams.Add("blah-blah", 12);
	oParams.Add("blah-blah2", "Val");
	var enumObj = new Enumerator(oParams);
	for (;!enumObj.atEnd();enumObj.moveNext())
		oObj = enumObj.item();
		g_oLog.WriteLine(typeof(oObj) + oParams.item(oObj));

See also Sample. Logging IKlAkParams to the text file.