Kaspersky Security Center Automation  10.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
IKlAkAdHosts Scanned active directory OU structure
IKlAkBase Base for all KlAk* objects
IKlAkChunkAccessor Large server-side collection
IKlAkCollection Array-like collection
IKlAkDeployment Deployment
IKlAkEvents Events managing
IKlAkGroups Administration groups processing
IKlAkHosts Hosts processing
IKlAkHstRulesEx Extended host moving rules (Administration Server 7.0 or higher is required)
IKlAkIpConversions Helper methods for ip addresses processing
IKlAkIpSubnets Network subnets processing
IKlAkLicense License keys managing
IKlAkLicHst License keys on hosts
IKlAkPackages Packages managing
IKlAkParams Universal container
IKlAkPolicies Policies managing
IKlAkProxy Connection with the Administration Server
IKlAkReports Reports managing
IKlAkSlaveServers Slave servers processing
IKlAkSrvObject Base for specialized objects
IKlAkStatistics AK server statistics managing
IKlAkTasks Group tasks
IKlAkTasks2 Group tasks
IKlAkUpdateAgents Update agents
IKlAkUsers Users managing
IKlAkVServers Virtual servers processing