With certain events, Avira AntiVir Server can send alerts and messages via email to one or more recipients. This is done with the Simple Message Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

The messages can be triggered by various events. Transmission of emails is supported by the following modules:

Please note that ESMTP is not supported. In addition, an encrypted transfer via TLS (Transport Layer Security) or SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is currently not possible.

Email messages

SMTP server

Enter the name of the host to be used here - either its IP address or the direct host name.
The maximum possible length of the host name is 127 characters.

For example: or

Sender address

In this input box, enter the email address of the sender. The maximum length of the sender's address is 127 characters.


Some mail servers expect a program to verify itself to the server (log in) before an email is sent. Avira AntiVir Server can transmit alerts with authentication to the SMTP server via email.

Use authentication

If this option is enabled, a user name and a password can be entered in the relevant boxes for login (authentication).

Send test email

When you click on the button, Avira AntiVir Server attempts to send a test email to the sender address to check the data entered.