Installation and uninstallation on the network

To simplify installation of Avira AntiVir Server on a network of multiple client computers for the system administrator, Avira AntiVir Server has a special procedure for the initial installation and the modification installation.

For automatic installation of Avira AntiVir Server, the setup program works with the control file setup.inf. The setup program (presetup.exe) is contained in the Avira AntiVir Server installation package. Installation is started with a script or batch file and all necessary information is obtained from the control file. The script commands therefore replace the usual manual inputs during installation.

Please note that a license file is obligatory for initial installation on the network.

Please note that a Avira AntiVir Server installation package is required for installation via a network. An installation file for internet-based installation cannot be used.

Avira AntiVir Server can be easily shared on the network with a server login script or via SMS.

For information on installation and uninstallation on the network: