Installation and uninstallation :: Installation

Before installing Avira AntiVir Premium, check whether your computer fulfils all the minimum system requirements. If your computer satisfies all requirements, you can install Avira AntiVir Premium.

From Windows XP, Avira AntiVir Premium generates a restore point of your computer before installation of Avira AntiVir Premium. This enables you to safely remove Avira AntiVir Premium if installation fails. Note that for this the option Turn off System Restore under: "Start | Settings | Control Panel | System | Tab System Restore" must not be marked.
If you want to recover your system earlier, you can do so with the function "Start | Programs | Accessories | System Tools | System Restore". The restore point generated by Avira AntiVir Premium is indicated by the entry AntiVir Premium.

Installation types

During installation you can select a setup type in the installation assistant:


AntiVir Premium is completely installed with all program components. The program files are installed into a given standard folder under C:\Program Files .


You can choose to install individual program components (see Chapter Installation and uninstallation::Installation modules). A target folder can be selected for the program files to be installed. You can disable Create a desktop icon and program group in the Start menu.

Before starting installation

Internet-based installation:
Avira GmbH provides an installation program for the internet-based installation of Avira AntiVir Premium, which loads the current program file prior to installation by the Avira GmbH web servers.  This process ensures that AntiVir Premium is installed with the latest virus definition file.
Installation with an installation package:
The installation package contains both the installation program and all necessary program files. No language selection for AntiVir Premium is available for installation with an installation package. We recommend that you carry out an update of the virus definition file after installation.

For product activation Avira AntiVir Premium uses the HTTP protocol and Port 80 (web communication), as well as encryption protocol SSL and port 443, to communicate with the servers of Avira GmbH.
If you are using a firewall, please ensure that the required connections and/or incoming or outgoing data are not blocked by the firewall.


The installation program runs in self-explanatory dialog mode. Every window contains a certain selection of buttons to control the installation process.

The most important buttons are assigned the following functions:

How to install AntiVir Premium:

Internet-based installation

Installation with an installation package

Continuing internet-based installation and installation with an installation package

User-defined installation

- OR -

Use the Browse button to select a different destination directory and confirm by clicking Next.



Continue for full and user-defined installation.

You have the following options to activate AntiVir Premium.

By entering your activation key Avira AntiVir Premium is activated with your license.

If you select Product testing, an evaluation license will be generated during the activation process, with which Avira AntiVir Premium is activated. You can test Avira AntiVir Premium with its complete range of functions for a certain period of time.

By using the option Valid hbedv.key license file available you can load a valid license file. During product activation with a valid activation key the license file is generated and saved in the program folder of Avira AntiVir Premium. Use this option, if you have already activated a product and want to re-install Avira AntiVir Premium.

In some sales versions of Avira AntiVir Premium an activation key has already been included in the product. For this reason the activation need not be entered. If and when necessary, the activation key is displayed in the license assistant.

In order to activate AntiVir Premium a connection to the server of Avira GmbH is established. Under Proxy settings you can configure the Internet link by a proxy server.


Product activation


 Select the option "Valid hbedv.key available"


Continuation after completed activation or loading of the license file

Custom settings in the configuration wizard

After a successful installation, we recommend that you check AntiVir Premium is up-to-date in Control Center under Overview :: Status.