Plug-ins: Overview


DeviceLock Enterprise Manager has a flexible plug-in based architecture that allows you to plug in the necessary module on demand. DeviceLock Enterprise Manager loads the plug-ins on startup from the Plugins subdirectory, which is located in the main DeviceLock Enterprise Manager directory.


All information that you receive from the plug-in can be saved to the external files and loaded into DeviceLock Enterprise Manager when you need it.


To save the data as a project, you can select Save Project from the File menu or press the appropriate button on the Main toolbar (see Open Project).


Another way to save scanned information in the format of DeviceLock Enterprise Manager is select Save As from the File menu. To load previously saved files, you can select Open from the File menu or press the appropriate button on the Main toolbar.


If you need to pass scanned information to an external application, you can export it into the text file and then import it to this application. To export data into the text file, select Save As from the File menu and then select the file's type from the Save as type combo box. DeviceLock Enterprise Manager supports the export into MS Excel and two formats of text files - Tab Delimited (TXT) and Comma Delimited (CSV).


DeviceLock Enterprise Manager includes following plug-ins: