Dr.Web Automatic Updating Utility for Windows

Developers of the anti-virus system constantly supplement virus bases with new virus signatures. After anti-virus bases updates are installed, the anti-virus system can detect the new viruses, block their spreading and in some cases cure the infected files.

From time to time anti-virus algorithms (executable files and program libraries) are augmented. Bugs discovered in the course of the anti-virus's operation are consistently eliminated, the help system and documentation are uniformly updated and improved.

To speed up and facilitate the receipt and installation of the updates of the virus databases and other files a special component was designed – Dr.Web automatic updating utility for Windows.

The automatic updating utility requires a connection to the Internet.


In Windows® NT/2000/XP/Vista® the user should have the administrator's rights to update Dr.Web.


The automatic updating utility can be run in one of the following ways:

· automatically, as scheduled
· from the command line by calling the drwebupw.exe executable file from the program’s installation folder
· select Updater on the SpIDer Agent context menu
· click Update on the File menu in the Scanner’s main window
· click the pop-up warning about outdated virus bases which appears above the SpIDer Guard icon in the notification area (only available for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista).

At startup the automatic updating utility checks if there is a key file in the installation folder. If no key file is found, it tries to obtain it via the Internet at http://www.drweb.com. Without a key file the automatic update is impossible.

If a key file is found, the program checks if this key is not blocked at http://www.drweb.com (the file may be blocked if it is discredited, i.e. if it was illegally distributed). With a blocked key file updating is not performed, the components of the anti-virus system may be blocked, a message of the corresponding content is displayed to the user.

If your key file is blocked, contact the dealer you have purchased the anti-virus from.

After the key file is successfully verified, the updating is performed. The program automatically downloads all updated files, associated with the version of your anti-virus, and it may download an upgraded version of the anti-virus system (when it is released), if it is stipulated by the terms of your license.

It may be necessary to restart the computer to update executable files and libraries. A message box with a corresponding notification is displayed to the user. If the changes affect the automatic updating utility itself, one more restart during the update may be required.

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