Actions Tab

Actions Tab

In this tab the program’s reaction to detection of infected or suspicious files in e-mail are specified.

The following actions are available:

· Delete – in this case the mail guard does not pass a message to the mail client; instead of a deleted message , the mail program receives a notification of the action performed.
· Quarantine – in this case a message is placed to the quarantine folder, it  is also not transferred to the mail program, the mail program receives a notification of the action made.
· Pass – to transfer to the mail program as usually.

These actions are assigned separately for infected messages, suspicious messages and the messages the scanning of which could not be completed.

For outgoing messages any setting other than Pass results in the denial to pass the message to a SMTP server.

The Delete modified messages on server check box is selected by default. It instructs to delete messages incoming from a POP3/IMAP4 server for which the Delete or Quarantine action is specified, regardless of the mail program’s settings.

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