Options Tab

Options Tab

In this pane of the SpIDer Guard Control Panel some settings of the Guard are set.

In the Miscellaneous group box you can select the Show the SpIDer Guard icon in the notification area check box to enable the the guard's icon in the Windows notification area. The context menu of the icon allows you to access the program's settings.

If the Protect Dr.Web configuration file check box is selected, then SpIDer Guard will ask for your confirmation when attempting to change the program's settings file.

If you select the Save 'Paused' state between sessions check box, then SpIDer Guard will remain in 'Paused' state after a system restart if the monitoring was paused in the current session (see description of the SpIDer Guard's context menu).

In the Troubleshooting group box you can select the Do not scan objects in local network to prevent excessive usage of the system's computational resources when scanning network drives.

If the Do not scan objects on removable drives check box is selected, then SpIDer Guard will not scan objects on CD-ROMs, DVDs, flash cards, etc.


Some external data carriers (e.g. removable hard drives with USB interface) are recognized by the system as fixed HDDs. Such devices should be used with extra caution and scanned for viruses when connected to a computer.

For more details on the settings specified in this pane click the correspondent fragment of the window in the picture.

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