Actions Tab

Actions Tab

In this tab you can set the program’s reactions when infected or suspicious files, malicious programs and infected archives are detected.

For different types of files actions are assigned separately from the respective drop-down list.

By default, Dr.Web for workstations just informs the user when a known virus is found or when there is a suspicion an object is infected with a virus. The data for all infected or suspicious objects are displayed in the report list, in which you can manually specify the necessary program’s action.

By default, Dr.Web for Windows servers automatically makes attempts to avert a virus threat, if a known virus is found or there is a suspicion an object is infected with a virus.

Apart from reporting, there are other actions available:

Cure (available for Infected objects only) – instructs the guard to try to cure objects infected with a known virus. If the virus is incurable, or the attempt of curing failed, the action set for incurable viruses will be applied.

Delete – instructs to delete infected or suspicious files (no action will be taken to boot sectors).

Rename – instructs to rename the extension of an infected or suspicious file according to the mask specified in the Rename extension field (by default, it is renamed to #??, i.e. the first symbol in the extension is replaced with #).

Move to – instructs to move infected or suspicious files to the quarantine folder specified in the Move path field (by default, it is a subfolder in the program’s installation folder named infected.!!!).

Ignore – (enabled for malicious programs only) instructs not to display information in the report window.

If an infected object is detected in an archive, the action specified for archives is applied. The action specified is applied to the whole archive, and not to the infected object only.

For more details on the settings and actions specified in this pane click the corresponding area of the window in the picture.

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