General Tab

General Tab

In this tab the settings of the program’s interaction with the OS and the program’s sound alerts for different events are specified.

A selected Autosave settings check box instructs the program to store the changed settings at exit. Otherwise, changes in settings are saved only if the user expressly confirms saving them by clicking the Save settings item on the Options menu of the main window. This mode is set by default.

The Check the battery state check box, when selected, instructs to check whether your computer is running on batteries before scanning starts. This option is available on portable computers only.

The Scan priority slider allows to modify the priority of the scan process in the system.

By default, sound alerts on virus events are disabled. You can enable sound reactions and associate events with the sound files.

For more details on the settings specified in this pane click the corresponding area of the window in the picture.

To view parameters set at another tab click the name of this tab.