SpIDer Guard

The SpIDer Guard component is an anti-virus monitor which resides in the memory of the computer, scans files in real time (when they are accessed) and detects any types of virus-like activity.

By default, the Guard is loaded automatically at every Windows launch. Being loaded automatically, the Guard cannot be unloaded during the current Windows session (see Setting and Managing the Guard). If necessary, (for example, when a task consuming too much processor resources is performed in a real time mode) you can suspend the scanning by the Guard.

With the default settings, SpIDer Guard checks opened files “on the fly” (files on the hard drive are checked only when they are created or opened for recording; all files on removable media  are always scanned). It scans files similarly to the Scanner (with “milder” scan settings, though). Besides, the Guard constantly traces the actions of activated processes peculiar to viruses, and if such processes are found, it blocks them and notifies the user about it.

By default, in Dr.Web for workstations SpIDer Guard only informs the user about the detection of infected objects and offers to decide what action should be taken. SpIDer Guard supplied with Dr.Web for Windows Server, by default, automatically makes attempts to avert the virus threat.

By changing the corresponding settings you can set the automatic reaction of the program to different virus events; in this case SpIDer Guard doesn't ask user's instruction how to treat detected objects and operates fully in the background mode. The user can monitor its activity by means of the statistics window and the log file.


In Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista the user should have the administrator's rights to be able to upgrade the Dr.Web version.


When SpIDer Guard is installed, in Windows Control Panel a SpIDer Guard element is created. It contains settings specific to the Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista environment. These settings can also be customized from the context menu of the SpIDer Guard's icon.

The settings can only be accessed by a user possessing the administrator's rights to the computer; in particular, such user can remove the SpIDer Guard's icon from the Taskbar.