URL Filter Tab

URL Filter Tab

On the URL filter tab you can adjust access to web resources.


To completely restrict access to the Internet, select the Restrict local access check box in the Local Access tab.


Select the Enable URL filter check box to enable the web resources access control.


URL filtering is performed only if anti-virus monitoring of incoming traffic is enabled.


Add the domain names which you trust to the Trusted URLs list.

Select a group(s) of addresses access to which should be restricted in the Blocked URLs group box.

To restrict access to all web resources except those in the Trusted URLs list, select All except  trusted URLs.

To enable filtering of web addresses according to categories and/or a user-compiled list, select Custom URLs.

Select the types of blocked web sites in the Categories list.


Lists of web sites in all categories are constantly updated by the Automatic Updating Module along with virus databases.


Add the domain names which should be blocked to the Address bar content list.

To create a list of domain names:

· Enter a domain name (or part of it) into the field.

If you wish to add a specific web site, enter its full address (e.g. www.example.com). Access to all resources on that web site will be allowed/restricted.

If you wish to allow/restrict access to web sites, which contain certain text in their address name, enter that text into the field (e.g. example means  that access to example.com, example.test.com, test.com/example, test.example222.ru, etc. will be allowed/restricted).

If the string contains the "." symbol, it will be considered a domain name. In this case all resources on the domain will be filtered. If the string also contains the "/" symbol (e.g. example.com/test), then the part to the left of it will be considered the domain name and the part to the right will be allowed/restricted on the domain (e.g. example.com/test11, template.example.com/test22, etc. will be filtered).

· Click the button to the right (the button with the "plus" symbol). The address will be added to the list above.

The address may be converted to a more simple structure (e.g. http://www.example.com will be converted to www.example.com).

To delete a web resource from the list, select it and click the button.

The Load at startup check box is selected by default, which means that the Parental Control component launches automatically upon Windows startup. If you clear this check box then you will have to load Parental Control manually.

For more details on the settings specified in this pane click the corresponding area of the window in the picture.

To view parameters set at another tab click the name of this tab.