Configuring a function to be executed as part of a FIM operation involves two steps. They are:

  1. Adding the function as part of the call sequence

  2. Populate the input parameters of the function before execution, and then saving the output parameters to an attribute or as an alias

Populating the Input function/parameters before execution

You may populate the input parameters of a function from either an existing attribute (i.e. the anchor attribute) or from an Alias (a named piece of data on the alias Table).

  1. To populate the function/parameter from an Attribute, map (or connect) the attribute to the function parameter, see How To Add or Edit Attributes.

  2. To populate the function/parameter from an Alais, edit the function/parameter, and enter the name of the alias in the "Alias Reference" textbox. This is done from the "Add or Edit Parameter Properties" Wizard.

Saving the returns data from a function/parameters after execution

To determine if you should configure an output parameter to be an alias depends on your situation meets one of these criterias.

  1. The output will be used as input values for subsequent function calls and before being finally being consumed as an attribute value.

  2. The functions returns the data as structure, and subsequent function calls having the same parameter names/type could potentially overwrite these structure on the alias table.

  3. The function returns data as string(s). Even though this is true, in this case the ERP Configuration Tool will automatically configure this alias and no manually action is needed by the configurator.