To set parameters for database maintanance, select Tools/Server options from the main ERA Console menu.
Database maintanance provides options for keeping the logs transparent and enables compression of the main ERA database on a regular basis to preserve space.




NOTE: The text file output is by default saved to the file %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Eset\ESET Remote Administrator\Server\logs\era.log


While running, ERA Server creates a log (Log filename) about its activity which is configurable (Log verbosity). If the Log to text file option is selected, new log files will be created (Rotate when greater than X MB) and deleted on a daily basis (Delete rotated logs older than X days).


NOTE: In the section Log to text file it is recommended to leave Log verbosity at the Level 2 – Above + Session Errors and increase it only if you experience any problem or if advised by ESET’s technical support specialists.


The Log to OS application log option allows information to be copied to the system event viewer log (Windows Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event viewer).


The database Debug Log option should be disabled under normal circumstances.


Click Tools > Server Options > Advanced > Edit Advanced Settings… > Setup > Logging > Rotated debug log compression to configure compression level for individual rotated logs.