To set ERA Server settings, select Tools > Server options from the main ERA Console menu.


Replication is used in large networks where multiple ERA Servers are installed (e.g., a company with several branches). The Replication settings tab lets you set up data replication between multiple ERA Servers running in your network. To learn how to setup multiple ERA Servers in your organization see chapter Setting up RA servers in large networks.




To set up replication use the following replication options:


Replication “to” settings


· Enable “to” replication – enables replication in a large network as described in the chapter Replication
· Upper server – IP address or name of the upper RA server, which will collect data from the local RA server
· Port - specifies port used for replication
· Replicate every XX minutes – sets replication interval
· Replicate: Threat log, Firewall log, Event log, Scan log, Mobile log, Quarantine log - if these options are selected, all information displayed on the Clients, Threat Log, Firewall Log, Event Log, Scan Log, Tasks tab, Mobile Log and Quarantine Log is replicated in individual columns and lines. Information not stored directly in the database, but in individual files (i.e., .txt or .xml format) may not be replicated. Enable these options to also replicate entries in those files.
· Automatically replicate: Client details, Threat log details, Scan log details, Mobile log details, Quarantine files - these options enable automatic replication of the complementary information stored in individual files. They can also be downloaded on demand by clicking the Request button)
· Log type – defines the type of events to be replicated (alert, event, scan) to the upper RA server
· Automatically replicate… – enables periodic replication. When not enabled the replication can be triggered manually


Replication "to" status


· Replicate Up Now - initiates the replication process
· Mark all clients for replication - if enabled, all clients will be replicated, including those with no changes


Replication “From” settings


· Enable “from” replication – enables the local RA server to collect data from other servers listed in the Allowed servers field. Use a comma to separate multiple RA servers.