Client Properties Tab - SysInspector



This window enables you to request an ESET SysInspector (ESI) log from a client. To do so, click Request in the Request Options section. On the client, the ESI scan is launched and after it is finished, results are sent back to ESET Remote Administrator. There are additional options for requesting ESI logs:


Create snapshot (also record resulting log on the client) – activate this option to save the log locally on the client workstation (stored in Tools > SysInspector)


Include comparation to the last snapshot before specified time – select this option to compare the requested log with a previous one (depends on the specified date and time).


The Downloaded SysInspector Log section allows you to manipulate with the requested log.

Click View to display logs, click the Save As button to save the log to a file. If the Then Run ESET SysInspector Viewer to view the file option is activated, the log will be automatically displayed. This option is by default enabled.


For more information on creating SysInspector tasks, see chapter SysInspector Script Task.


NOTE: The SysInspector tab is available in ESET security products that are version 4.0 and later.