The Scheduler enables you to schedule tasks that will be performed at a specified time once, or repeatedly. A list of all scheduled tasks appears in the Scheduler/Planner pane. A particular task can be temporarily disabled by unticking the respective check-box.


If you wish to remove the tasks added by user and leave only the default scheduled tasks, check the Revert to default scheduled tasks (removes all tasks added by user) checkbox.


Adding a new task

· click the Add button to open the Scheduler Wizard
· Select the desired task from the list
· Enter the task name and specify the interval of the task execution
· Adjust the interval of the task execution
· Choose an action to perform when the scheduled task will not be performed
· Check the task settings
· Click Finish to finish the wizard, or click Back to adjust the task settings


Some tasks can be assigned specific tasks settings. The Special settings dialog will show up before clicking the Finish button, provided the Run the task with specific parameters check-box is ticked.


Deleting an existing task

To delete a particular task from the list of scheduled tasks in ESET Configuration Editor, click the Remove button. Bear in mind that removing a task from the list will not result in deleting the task from client workstations on which the configuration will be applied.

To delete the task on client workstations, you must mark the desired task for deletion by clicking the Mark for deletion button. Clicking the button again will remove the deletion attribute. After applying configuration with the task marked for deletion on the target workstations, the task will be deleted.