Installation of third party products using ERA

In addition to remote installation of ESET products, ESET Remote Administrator is capable of installing other programs. The only requirement is that the custom install package must be in the .msi format. The remote installation of custom packages can be performed using a process very similar to the one described in chapter Remote installation.


The main difference is in the package creation process, which is as follows:

1) From ERAC, click the Remote Install tab.
2) Click the Packages… button.
3) From the Package type drop-down menu select Custom package.
4) Click Add…, click Add file and select the desired .msi package.
5) Select the file from the Package Entry File drop-down menu and click Create.
6) After returning to the original window you can specify command line parameters for the .msi file. The parameters are the same as for a local installation of the given package.
7) Click Save as… to save the package.
8) Click Close to exit the installation package editor.


The newly created custom package can be distributed to client workstations in the same manner as the remote installations described in previous chapters. A remote push install, logon or email push install will send the package to target workstations. From the moment the package is executed, installation is handled by the Microsoft Windows Installer service.