About Symantec Enterprise Security Manager Reporting

Symantec ESM Reporting is a tool that must be installed separately from Symantec ESM Managers and Agents. Components of this Symantec ESM Reporting include the Symantec Enterprise Reporting application, a Web server, a separate database, and a database conversion tool. This reporting feature supports a separate authentication system and lets you create, populate, and customize reports. Symantec ESM Reporting also features the queries that let you add and remove data from reports dynamically.

Table: Symantec ESM Reporting components lists and explains the components of Symantec Enterprise Security Manager Reporting.

Table: Symantec ESM Reporting components



Symantec ESM Reporting Database

Symantec ESM Reporting uses a database to store the data that is generated and stored on your managers in the Symantec ESM proprietary database. The database holds data for all of your managers and lets you combine this data.

Symantec ESM Reporting Database Link

This component exports the data from your Symantec ESM Manager databases to the Symantec ESM Reporting Database.

Symantec Enterprise Reporting

The Symantec ESM Reporting application is the software that lets you run reports and create queries for your Symantec ESM data. This application uses a Web server and a Web browser.

Symantec ESM reports package file

This file is loaded into your Symantec ESM Reporting application. This file contains all the standard reports that Symantec provides, as well as the metadata model that lets you create reports and queries.

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