Viewing the status of a policy run

You can check the current status of a policy run.

Table: Policy run status identifiers lists the status types that can be reported.

Table: Policy run status identifiers

Policy run status



The manager has scheduled the policy run to start at a specific date and time.


The manager is contacting agents to start the policy run.


The manager has submitted the policy run to the agent.


The agent has not yet started processing the module in the policy run.


The agent is currently running the module in the policy.

Stop pending

The manager has told the agent to stop running the policy, but the agent is waiting for the module to reach a safe stopping point.


The policy run has stopped.

Policy run complete

The agent has completed the execution of the modules, and the manager is pulling the data.


The manager is analyzing the raw reports and applying suppressions, calculating a level and rating for each module, and writing a record to the sumfinal database.


The policy run is complete without errors.


The policy run either stopped or contains errors.

To view the status of a policy run

  1. On the Policy Runs branch of the enterprise tree, do one of the following:

    • Double-click the policy run ID.

    • Right-click the policy run ID, and then click Properties.

  2. Select an agent.

  3. Click View modules.

See Querying Policy Runs.