Editing name lists

You can use name lists to specify the items that all or some security checks include or exclude in a module.

Some name lists contain the following items:

Table: Name list types lists the types of name lists and their contents.

Table: Name list types




User account name such as user1 and user2


User account groups such as system operators and administrators (Windows 2000/XP)


Files or folders such as C:\Program Files\Symantec\Enterprise Security Manager\ESM\bin

Enabled/Disabled word files

Word files containing word lists

Enabled/Disabled files

Template files

Key (word)

Sets of keys or keywords

Generic strings

Sets of generic character strings

To access a name list

To add an item to a name list

  1. In the module properties window, click New.

  2. Type the item name.

    You can use the asterisk (*) character as a wildcard character to represent a set of items. For example, \myapp\* specifies all files in the \myapp folder.

  3. To add another item, click Enter, and then repeat steps 1 through 2.

  4. Click Include or Exclude to indicate whether to examine or skip the listed items.

  5. Click OK.

To remove an item from a name list

  1. Click the item.

  2. Click Delete.

  3. Click OK.

To move an item up or down in a name list

  1. Click the item.

  2. Click Move Up or Move Down.

  3. Click OK.