About obtaining information on the messages

Symantec Enterprise Security Manager 9.0 lets you access detailed information about the messages that are reported during policy runs.

Table: Message information describes the information that you can access about messages.

Table: Message information

Information title



Describes the message and the security violation that caused the message to be reported

The information outlines the relevant security concepts that are associated with the message, and gives the cause and the implications of the security violation.


Shows the message category.


Provides the details about which checks reported the message.

Suppressing the message

Provides the message suppression information, including the procedure for suppressing the message in Symantec Enterprise Security Manager


Provides the details on how to resolve the security violation

This data includes information on the component of information security that relates to the check. The data also includes information on how to correct the security violation.

The information may also provide URLS for downloading relevant patches.

CVE ID (Common Vulnerability Exposure)

Displays the Common Vulnerability Exposure ID for the security issue that is related to the message

Additional resources

Displays the locations where you can obtain additional information that are related to the security threat.

Affected products

Shows the software applications and the platforms that are affected by a reported vulnerability.


Displays all vulnerabilities that are resolved by installing the patch or software that is associated with the vulnerability that caused the message to be reported.

The message category includes the following:

Icons that appear in the upper-right corner show how each security problem affects the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your information.

To access information about messages

  1. On the enterprise tree, expand the following:

    Manager > Domain > Policy > Module > Message.

  2. Click a policy run number.

  3. In the message grid at the bottom of the screen, click a message line.

To print information about messages

  1. Right-click in the pane of the ESM console.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Click Open in default browser.

    • Click Print.