Store module message details

Symantec ESM stores the policy run summary data and module message details in two databases: the manager sumfinal database on the manager computer and the local summary database on the ESM console computer.

As you cannot access the data in a manager sumfinal database directly, the ESM console provides a way to upload the information to your local summary database. You must use the third-party database management or report generation software to query the local summary database. This query capability provides great flexibility in analyzing the network resource vulnerabilities identified by Symantec ESM policy runs.

When a query requires module message details, you should choose to store module message details. This process also uploads summary information from the managers. The ESM console can selectively store module message details and summary information from a single manager, all managers in a region, or all Managers connected to the ESM console. The managers that have a large number of agents registered to them take a significant amount of time to finish.

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