You can export a filter list into a text (.txt) file for use on another Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange Server (FPE) server. You cannot select individual items to be exported; you must export the filter list in its entirety.

This feature is helpful if you would like your spam filters to use common data (For example: user names, IP addresses, and domain names.). To do this, you first configure the settings on one FPE server, export the lists to a local file, and then import the list into the FPE server where you would like to use the same configuration settings.

To export items from a filter list
  1. Open the appropriate work pane and select the list from which you are exporting data.

  2. Open the appropriate “Configure List” dialog box, for example, Configure Allow/Block Lists, and then click Export.

  3. In the Windows file explorer, navigate to the location where you want to export the text file, specify the file name, and then click Save.

    The items in the list are exported into the file. The items appear on a single line, separated by commas.

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