For this procedure, in Metaverse Designer, you can configure how an object is deleted from the metaverse when it is no longer in use. To complete this procedure, you must be logged on as a member of the FIMSyncAdmins security group.

To configure an object deletion rule
  1. On the Tools menu, click Metaverse Designer.

  2. In Metaverse Designer, in Object types, click the object for which you want to configure an object deletion rule.

  3. In Actions, click Configure Object Deletion Rule.

  4. In the Configure Object Deletion Rule dialog box, in the Metaverse object type, verify the object name, and then do one of the following:

    • To delete the metaverse object after the last connector space object that connects to it is disconnected from the metaverse, click Delete metaverse object when last connector is disconnected.

    • To delete the metaverse object after the last connector space object's linked object is disconnected, click Delete metaverse object when connector from this management agent is disconnected, and then select the management agent that will control the object.

    • To allow the metaverse object to be deleted by a rules extension, click Rules Extension.


When you use rules extensions to configure a metaverse deletion, you must enable metaverse rules extensions. For more information, see See Also.


For more information about using rules extensions to delete a metaverse object, see the FIM Developer Reference.

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