For this procedure, in Joiner, you can disconnect a connector object from a metaverse object that was incorrectly joined. To complete this procedure, you must be logged on as a member of the FIMSyncJoiners security group or the FIMSyncAdmins security group .

To use Joiner to disconnect a connector object
  1. On the Tools menu, click Joiner.

  2. In Metaverse Search Results, click the metaverse object that is linked to the connector object you want to disconnect.

  3. On the Actions menu, click Properties.

  4. In View object properties, click the Connectors tab.

  5. Click the object that you want to disconnect.

  6. Click Disconnect.


The connected data source object that you want to disconnect must be represented by at least one joined object in Metaverse Search Results. To disconnect a connector object without performing a search in Joiner, see See Also.


When disconnecting a reference object, such as distinguished name (also known as DN), you must run a full or delta synchronization of the associated management agent so that referencing objects no longer reference that object. For example, if object A is a reference object for object B (referencing object), and object A is disconnected, object B no longer displays a reference (in object properties) to object A. In this example, you need to run a full or delta synchronization of the associated management agent for disconnector object A to implement the change for object B.


To disconnect a connector object, you can also search for disconnector objects in the connector space, and then change the disconnector type in Search Connector Space. For more information, see See Also.

See Also