Joiner is used to search for and view disconnector objects for a specified management agent. The search can return all disconnector object types or a specific type. You can then use Joiner to modify the disconnector object or to join or project the disconnector object. For more information about disconnector object types, see The Metaverse and the Connector Space.

Modifying a disconnector object

Joiner returns a list of disconnectors, based on the management agent and disconnector type that you specify. From the search result list, you can modify the type of the disconnector object. For example, during an import run of a management agent, an object may fail to be projected because it was stopped by the connector filter. You may decide that you want to change the connector filter but still want to keep this object from being projected. You would then use Joiner to search for filtered disconnectors, select this object in the search results list, and set the disconnector type to Explicit. This prevents any management agent rules from being applied to this object, and it remains as an explicit disconnector.

Joining or projecting a disconnector object

You can also use Joiner to manually join or project an object. For example, during an import run of a management agent, an attempt was made to join an object, but more than one metaverse object satisfied the join criteria. You would use Joiner to search for disconnectors and select the disconnector object in the search result list. Then, you configure the Metaverse Search Filter in Joiner to return the possible join candidates from the metaverse. You can then attempt to join the disconnector object to the selected metaverse object.

Using joiner to remove pending exports

Usually, you use Joiner to work with disconnected objects. However, Joiner can be also be used to remove pending exports from the connector space. In a case in which a connected object has pending exports that you want to delete from the connector space, use Joiner to change the connected object to a normal disconnector. This removes any pending exports, and it allows the disconnected object to rejoin on the next delta import. To disconnect an object using Joiner, see Use Joiner to Disconnect a Connector Object.


Review your object deletion rules before removing pending exports from the connector space. Removing pending exports can cause object deletion rules to run, which can result in the deletion of other objects. For more information about object deletion rules, see Using Metaverse Designer.

The Joiner Log

Joiner maintains a log of all successful operations that are performed using Joiner. Logs can be saved for diagnostic or archival purposes in XML format. The log displays the columns in the following table.

Column Description

User name

Logon name of the account that performed the operation


The operation performed on the object. Possible values are:

  • Disconnect

  • Set Explicit

  • Set Normal

  • Project

  • Join

Management Agent

A metaverse object can be linked to multiple connected data sources. This column displays which management agent link the operation was performed on.

Connector space DN

Displays the distinguished name (also known as DN) attribute of the connector space object on which the operation was performed.

Metaverse displayName

Displays the displayName attribute of the metaverse object that the operation was performed on. There is no value in this field if the operation was Set Normal or Set Explicit.

For more information about using Joiner, see Work with Joiner.