This section includes additional topics about theForefront Identity Manager Certificate Management (FIM CM) Provision API that a programmer should understand.


This section includes:

Describes how to filter the collection of certificates that are associated with a profile or a smart card, in order to retrieve a smaller collection.

Describes the FIM CM server and FIM CM client configurations that you must have to use .NET Framework remoting to execute certain FIM CM Provision API methods on a remote system.

Describes the FIM CM Provision API methods that perform an access check to test whether the current user has permissions on another user or on a FIM CM request.

Describes the security configuration for methods in the Sensitive API group, which give the caller access to sensitive data.

Describes a software certificate profile, which encapsulates a user’s certificates for profile templates that are not stored on smart cards.

Describes how to load a profile template, permissions involved and motivations for doing this.

Describes how you can enroll, approve and execute a request using the Provisioning APIs in FIM CM.

If a FIM CM exception is thrown by the FIM CM Server during the processing of a Provision API call, the client computer needs to have the following DLLs in the local folder (or GAC) in order to see the exception information (stack, message etc):
  • Microsoft.Clm.Common.dll

  • Microsoft.Clm.Configuration.dll

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