Defines flags that describe certificates.
Namespace: Microsoft.Clm.Shared.Certificates
Assembly: Microsoft.Clm.Shared (in microsoft.clm.shared.dll)


Visual Basic
Dim instance As CertificateFlags


Visual Basic
<FlagsAttribute> _
Public Enumeration CertificateFlags
public enum CertificateFlags
public enum class CertificateFlags
/** @attribute FlagsAttribute() */ 
public enum CertificateFlags
public enum CertificateFlags


Member name Description
External The certificate has been imported for the user from an external certification authority (CA).
KeyHistory The certificate is an archived certificate that is part of the key history.
None No information is specified about the certificate.
Pfx The certificate is available in personal information exchange (PFX) format. This format is also typically referred to as PKCS#12 format. The certificate and the private key are provided. This flag is most frequently used to retrieve external, archived, and server generated certificates and keys from FIM CM.
Pkcs7 The certificate is available in PKCS#7 format. The certificate might contain the full certificate chain in addition to the newly created certificate.
ServerGenerated A server generated the certificate created as part of an operation.


Development Platforms

Windows 2008 x64 Edition

Target Platforms

Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1+, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2

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