Defines identifiers for the types of errors that are associated with smart card exceptions.
Namespace: Microsoft.Clm.Shared
Assembly: Microsoft.Clm.Shared (in microsoft.clm.shared.dll)


Visual Basic
Dim instance As ErrorId


Visual Basic
Public Enumeration ErrorId
public enum ErrorId
public enum class ErrorId
public enum ErrorId
public enum ErrorId


Member name Description
CardNotFound The specified smart card was not found in FIM CM.
DbInsert An error occurred when inserting data into the FIM CM database.
DbSearch An error occurred when searching the FIM CM database.
DbUpdate An error occurred when updating the FIM CM database.
EmptyCertificateLabel The smart card profile has an empty certificate label.
ErrorGeneratingCertificates An error occurred when generating certificates for the smart card.
ErrorRecovering An error occurred when recovering the smart card profile.
ExchangeCertNotAvailable The specified exchange certificate is not available.
ExchangeCertStoreNotAccessible The exchange certificate store cannot be accessed.
InvalidClientData The client data is invalid.
InvalidClientMessage The client message is invalid.
InvalidClientVersion The client version is invalid.
InvalidDbTimeStamp The FIM CM database contains an invalid timestamp.
InvalidMessageSyntax The message contains invalid syntax.
InvalidRecoveryScSerialNumber An invalid smart card serial number was specified for a recovery operation.
InvalidRequestState The smart card request is in an invalid state.
InvalidRequestType The smart card request has an invalid request type.
InvalidScSerialNumber The smart card has an invalid serial number.
InvalidSmartcardState The smart card is in an invalid state.
InvalidUnblockPinPolicy The smart card profile has an invalid unblock pin policy.
InvalidUserPinPolicy The smart card profile has an invalid user pin policy.
InvalidVersion The smart card profile has an invalid version number.
NoError No error has occurred.
NotCardOwner The specified user is not the owner of the smart card.
ProfileTemplateReuseViolation A violation occurred when trying to reuse a profile template.
RequestHasNoSerialNumber The request has no serial number.
ReuseError An error occurred when reusing a smart card.
SecureKeyInjectionError An error occurred when attempting a secure key injection operation.
ServerError A server error occurred.
SmartcardAlreadyAssigned The specified smart card is already assigned to a user.


Development Platforms

Windows 2008 x64 Edition

Target Platforms

Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1+, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2

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