Provides classes that represent profile templates.

The Microsoft.Clm.Provision API provides access to the profile templates in read-only form. Client applications cannot modify the profile templates through the Microsoft.Clm.Provision API. Client application should not instantiate ProfileTemplate objects. Instead, client applications should call the FIM CM APIs that return ProfileTemplate objects.


Class Description
ApplicationSecurityDescriptor Describes a security descriptor.
CertificateAuthority Describes a certification authority (CA) that is known to FIM CM.
CertificateTemplate Describes selected certificate template settings.
DataCollection Encapsulates a collection of DataCollectionItem objects.
DataCollectionItem Describes a data collection item.
DataCollectionItemStorage Describes how a data collection item is stored.
DataCollectionItemValidation Describes how a data collection item is validated.
DuplicatePolicy Describes the duplicate policy for a profile template.
EmailTemplate Describes the e-mail template for a policy.
EnrollPolicy Describes the enroll policy for a profile template.
ExternalCertificates Describes the configuration for external certificates.
OfflineUnblockPolicy Describes the offline unblock policy for a profile template.
OneTimePasswordDistribution Describes how one-time passwords are distributed.
OneTimePasswordPolicy Describes the policy for one-time passwords.
OnlineUpdatePolicy Describes the online update policy for a profile template.
PersonalizationOptions Describes personalization options for a smart card.
PolicyDocument Describes a policy document.
PolicyDocuments Encapsulates a collection of PolicyDocument objects.
ProfileTemplate Defines a profile template.
ProfileTemplatePolicy Describes a profile template policy.
RecoverOnBehalfPolicy Describes the recover-on-behalf policy for a profile template.
RecoverPolicy Describes the recover policy for a profile template.
ReinstatePolicy Describes the reinstate policy for a profile template.
RenewPolicy Describes the renew policy for a profile template.
RetirePolicy Describes the retire policy for a profile template.
RevocationOptions Describes the revocation options for a policy.
RevokePolicy Describes the revoke policy for a profile template.
ServerKeyGeneration Describes the server key generation configuration for a profile template.
SmartcardConfig Describes smart card configuration options for a profile template.
SmartcardPinPolicy Describes the smart card PIN policy.
SmartcardPrintPolicy Describes the smart card print policy for use with the Datacard® ID Works® Identification Software v5.1 Enterprise Edition.
TemporaryCardsPolicy Describes the temporary smart cards policy for a profile template.
UnblockPolicy Describes the unblock policy for a profile template.


Enumeration Description
ApplicationUserRole Defines application user roles for data collection items.
DataCollectionItemStorageFlags Defines flags that describe how the data can be stored.
DataCollectionItemStorageType Defines the types of storage methods that can be used to store data collection items.
DataCollectionItemType Defines data types for data collection items.
DataCollectionItemValidationType Defines methods by which data collection items are validated.
DeliveryType Defines methods for how policy documents will be delivered.
KeyGeneratorOptions Defines the options for how a server key generator generates keys.
PasswordDistributionType Defines distribution methods for one-time passwords.
PinCharacterSet Defines smart card PIN character set options for both the user PIN and administrator PIN configuration.
ProfileTemplateType Defines the types of profile templates.
RevocationReason Defines reasons why a certificate can be revoked.
SmartcardProviderType Defines types of smart card providers.
UserPinOption Defines the options for the initial user PIN policy for a smart card.