Implemented by a Forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Service (FIM Synchronization Service) rules extension to provide rules extension functionality for a management agent.

The following tables list the members exposed by the IMASynchronization type.

Public Methods

  Name Description
public method Deprovision Called when a metaverse entry is deleted and the connector space entries that are connected to the metaverse entry become disconnector objects.
public method FilterForDisconnection Determines whether a connector CSEntry object will be disconnected. A connector space or CSEntry object is disconnected when a delta export matches a filter, or if the filter rules are changed and the new filter criteria for disconnecting an object are met.
public method Initialize Initializes the rules extension object.
public method MapAttributesForExport Called to map attributes from a metaverse entry to a connector space entry.
public method MapAttributesForImport Called to map attributes from a connector space entry to a metaverse entry.
public method MapAttributesForJoin Generates a list of values based on the CSEntry attribute values that will be used to search the metaverse.
public method ResolveJoinSearch Called when a join rule is configured to use a rules extension to resolve conflicts, and when one or more results from a metaverse search match the values that are generated by the MapAttributesForJoin method.
public method ShouldProjectToMV Called to determine whether a new connector space object should be projected to a new metaverse object when the connector space object does not join to an existing metaverse object.
public method Terminate Called when the rules extension object is no longer needed. This method is used to free resources that are owned by the rules extension.

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