Generates a list of values based on the CSEntry attribute values that will be used to search the metaverse.
Namespace: Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices
Assembly: Microsoft.MetadirectoryServicesEx (in microsoft.metadirectoryservicesex.dll)


Visual Basic
Dim instance As IMASynchronization
Dim FlowRuleName As String
Dim csentry As CSEntry
Dim values As ValueCollection

instance.MapAttributesForJoin(FlowRuleName, csentry, values)


Visual Basic
Sub MapAttributesForJoin ( _
		FlowRuleName As String, _
		csentry As CSEntry, _
		ByRef values As ValueCollection _
void MapAttributesForJoin (
		string FlowRuleName,
		CSEntry csentry,
		ref ValueCollection values
void MapAttributesForJoin (
		String^ FlowRuleName, 
		CSEntry^ csentry, 
		ValueCollection^% values
void MapAttributesForJoin (
		String FlowRuleName, 
		CSEntry csentry, 
		/** @ref */ ValueCollection values



Contains the name of the flow rule. You must use only alphanumeric characters for the FlowRuleName parameter; otherwise you can encounter problems in a rules extension.

Flow rules are not executed in the order shown in Synchronization Service Manager. Forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Service (FIM Synchronization Service) uses these rules according to the state of the connector space object. Configure your rules based on the state of the object rather than the rules being called in a predetermined order.

Contains a CSEntry object that represents the connector space entry.


Contains a ValueCollection object that receives the list of attribute values that are generated by this method to be used to search the metaverse.


Exception type Condition

The method cannot produce a mapping for the attribute.


The rules extension does not implement this method.


The method received unexpected data.


Use this method to convert attribute values to a format used in the metaverse. For example, the metaverse stores the full name attribute as a single string made up of the first name and last name, while the connected data source stores a first name and a last name as separate attributes. You can use this method to combine a first name and last name into a single string that can be used to search the full name attribute in the metaverse.

Thread Safety

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.


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