Implemented by a connected data source extension to import data from a data source to the connector space.
Namespace: Microsoft.MetadirectoryServices
Assembly: Microsoft.MetadirectoryServicesEx (in microsoft.metadirectoryservicesex.dll)


Visual Basic
Dim instance As IMAExtensibleFileImport


Visual Basic
Public Interface IMAExtensibleFileImport
public interface IMAExtensibleFileImport
public interface class IMAExtensibleFileImport
public interface IMAExtensibleFileImport
public interface IMAExtensibleFileImport


If this method does not throw an exception, Forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Service (FIM Synchronization Service) uses the file-based management agent to import the data in the intermediate file to the connector space.

Although FIM Synchronization Service does not call the method in this interface for connected data source extensions with an export-only step type, you still must implement this interface. An error occurs if this interface is not implemented. For an export only connected data source extension, you can implement this interface by having all the methods throw an EntryPointNotImplementedException exception.

For a code example that implements this interface, see Example: Connected Data Source Extension for File-Based Data Sources.


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