When you start the administration console for the first time, a registration window will pop up requesting you to enter either your demo key or full license key. The key request is performed online (via HTTPS protocol), through a request to the website. When prompted to enter the full license key, you need to enter the special pin code provided to you when you purchased GateWall DNS Filter software. In addition, you will be additionally asked for personal data (user name, email, country, and region) during the registration process. The sole purpose of requesting your personal data is to link the license to the user. The personal information will not be disclosed. DNS Filter will automatically restart after you register your demo or full license key.

You can use GateWall DNS Filter in demo mode for 30 days. Entensys may issue a special extended trial pin code upon your request. For example, you may request a 3-month demo key. However, you will not be able to repeat your request unless you have a special pin code.

When DNS Filter is active, it occasionally checks the registration key status. For DNS Filter to work correctly, you must allow it to access the Internet via HTTPS protocol. It is a requirement for online status checks of the key.