Users and Groups

Create GateWall DNS Filter users to enable DNS request filtering and recording of request statistics. You may join users to groups by their location or access rights for your convenience. Grouping users by their access rights is the most logical approach. This method will help you greatly simplify the traffic rules management. Default is the only group available in DNS Filter by default.

To create a new user, click Add new user or click the Add button on the control panel on Users and Groups page. Required user parameters include: Name, Authorization type, authorization parameter (IP address, IP range) and group. By default, all users belong to the default group. Each user must be assigned a unique name in DNS Filter. You can also allow or block users access to the web statistics and assign traffic rules (DNS request filtering rules) on the user parameters page.

Figure 1 Users and Groups

User Authorization Methods

DNS names resolution in GateWall DNS Filter server is available to all users on the LAN. The DNS request filtering will only apply to authorized users. DNS Filter supports two authorization methods: by a specific IP address and by a range of IP addresses.



Figure 2,3,4 User Properties