Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

Introducing Application Filters

Application filters work with the Firewall service to intercept and process data. Application filters can access the data stream or datagrams associated with a session within the Firewall service. The filters are registered with the Firewall service and act according to events detected by the service. An application filter can perform protocol-specific or system-specific tasks, such as authentication and checking for viruses.

This section contains the following topics, which are best read in sequence:

  1. Filter Types
  2. Firewall Events
  3. Connection Emulation
  4. Checking Access Rights
  5. Asynchronous Input/Output
  6. Filter Requirements for SecureNAT Clients
  7. Filter Requirements for Firewall Clients
  8. Setting Filter Priorities
  9. Application Filter Objects
  10. Filter Object Model
  11. Filter Alert Events