Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

Add Registration Code and Register the Filter

In this section you will add the registration code for the filter. The registration code includes filter COM object, filter, and protocol registration.

Filter Object and Filter Registration

Filter object instances are created during the Firewall service startup. the code for registering the objects was automatically generated by ATL.

Filter registration uses the IFWXFilterAdmin::InstallFilter method and is implemented using the DllInstall function.

For more information on filter registration, see Filter Setup.

Protocol Registration

You need to manage network traffic through the filter. To do this, define a protocol for the filter to use and then create a protocol rule to allow that traffic. See the ISA product documentation for more information about protocol rules.

To define a protocol, call the IFWXFilterAdmin::RegisterProtocolForFilter function. After registering the protocol, you need to add the primary connection definition to the protocol.

Note  You only need to define a protocol for Protocol-enabling filters. For more information see Filter Types.